Pearl VSX8P/C443 8 inchAdd On Tom Package, Champagne Sparkle

Birch/Basswood Shell
6 Ply Shell
I.S.S. Tom Mounting System

Add this VSX 8″ add on tom package to complete your setup. Complete with tom arm and adaptor

Vision VSX

Based on the original Vision formula, VSX drumsets feature blended Birch Ply shells with 6/8 technology. Lower frequencies require greater energy to project equally to match the high frequencies produced by smaller drums. Vision’s combination of 6 ply rack toms and 8 ply floor toms and bass drums deliver a dynamically balanced sound. Pearl offers 9 standard VSX configurations, more than any other drum manufacturer. VSX comes standard with a brushed steel SensiTone snare drum and award-winning 900 Series hardware. VSX drumsets are to be had in 6 Ultra-Exotic wrapped coverings.

6/8 Shell Construction
6 plies in the rack tom shells and 8 plies in the floor tom and bass drum shells provide an amazingly balanced sound, unprecedented for this category.

Birch/Basswood shell with Birch inner ply
After thorough research, Pearl discovered that the inner ply of a drum shell has the greatest effect on the tonal quality of the drum. Subsequently, putting Birch on the inner ply of these drums gives them a naturally “EQ’d,” punchy tone with enhanced projection and sustain.

Professional two ply heads
Two ply heads are easier to tune, and deliver a full, powerful sound right out of the box. Vision is the only series in its category to be packaged with two ply heads.

  • Birch/Basswood Ply Shells
  • 6 ply 7.5mm Toms/8 ply 10mm Bass & Floor Tom
  • Steel SensiTone Snare Drum w/ Hairline Nickel Finish
  • Wood Bass Drum Hoops w/ Matching Finish
  • Two-Ply Tom Batter Heads
  • Perimeter EQ Bass Drum Heads w/ 3.5″ Wide Ring
  • Reference-Look Bridge Lugs
  • Reference-Look Recessed BD Claws w/ Rubber Lining
  • Bridge-Type Bass Bracket
  • Uni-Lock Tom Holders
  • 900 Series Hardware
  • I.S.S. Tom Mounting System
  • Beautiful Ultra Exotic Coverings
  • Black Drum Hardware on #436 Strata Red

Optimized Shell Configuration

Based on the original formula, VSX and VX drumsets feature blended Birch Ply shells with 6/8 technology. Vision’s combination of six-ply rack toms and eight-ply floor toms and bass drums deliver a dynamically balanced sound. The extra thickness in the floor toms and bass drums gives those drums the same projection as the higher frequency rack toms, resulting in the most efficient sounding kit in its price range.

SST Shell Design

Vision Series offers a sonically advanced recipe of strategically arranged plies of premium wood to maximize frequency response of each and every component. As with every Pearl drums, each shell is formed from our legendary SST construction process that uses extreme heat, Precision-cut scarf joints, our proprietary Acoustiglue and over 1000lbs of hydraulic pressure to create the ultimate acoustic air chamber.

6/8 Shells

The fundamental thought at the back of our Award-winning Reference Series is to optimize each and every component of your kit to reply to its full potential within the confines of its respective frequency range. This is achieved through using premium wood composition and shell thickness by way of strategic variance in the type and amount of plies. This same spirit of innovation is now to be had to the emerging musician in the all new Vision Series.

Birch/Basswood Shell
6 Ply Shell
I.S.S. Tom Mounting System
Lifetime Warranty
Configuration: VSX0807T, TH900S, ADP-20

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